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Node.js for Microcontrollers

neonious one's IDE features a graphical package manager for npm. Also, with lowsync install you can install npm packages on any board. Do not run modules by syncing a node_modules directory. While this works, modules installed this way run far slower than when using the built-in package manager.

You can install any package of the npm universe, however not all of them work:

Even if a package works, you might notice that rewriting your application to not use it is the better choice, as larger modules take ages to load and it often is not much more work not to use them.

Not many packages were tested yet:

Package Notes
axios Works! Great Promise based HTTP/HTTPs client
express Works, but loads very slow. Suggestion: use native http/https
mqtt /
Works, if you add require('mqtt-packet').writeToStream.cacheNumbers = false; to the top of your main program file so the module does not use all RAM.
request Too bloated, uses all of RAM. Suggestion: use axios
ws Works! Implements WebSocket for Node.JS.

If you need any module or functionality which is not working yet, feel free to open an issue at GitHub.

If you tested a module and it works well, feel free to contact us, so we can update the list above.