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Node.js for Microcontrollers

As low.js is in early development, things change fast with the goal of full Node.js compatibility. Because of this, there is no version numbering yet. These are nightly builds compiled directly from the GIT repository.

The versions for PCs are provided so developments can be tested on the PC without having to transfer them to the microcontroller first.

Platform Architecture Version / Date File Size
Linux x86/x64 32 bit (i686) 2019-04-230.99 MBDownload
Linux x86/x64 64 bit 2019-04-230.92 MBDownload
Linux ARM 32 bit (ARMv6/v7) 2019-04-230.87 MBDownload
Linux ARM 64 bit (ARMv8) 2019-04-230.90 MBDownload
macOS 64 bit 2019-04-230.76 MBDownload
ESP32-WROVER To flash/install on ESP32-WROVERs, you need to use lowsync, which can be installed via npm.
See the examples or documentation for more details.

Other downloads

You can find the source code of low.js in our GitHub repository. Please read the included file README.md for instructions for compiling from source.