The configuration is stored in the file lowsync.config.json. The program searches for the file by traversing through all parent directories, starting from the current working directory.

To create a new configuration file, use the Init command.

Name Datatype Required Default value Description
ip string yes N/A The IP address of the device. Will prompt the user if incorrect or missing.
port number no 8443 if useHttp config option is not set, else 8000 The port of the device.
useHttp boolean no false Use http instead of https.
syncDir string yes (for Sync command) N/A The directory on this computer that is used for file synchronization. Relative paths must be relative to the configuration file.
exclude array of string no Empty Array (no excludes) Glob-like patterns that determine which files and folders are excluded from synchronization (see Sync). More about glob patterns can be found at this link.
transpile boolean no true Turn transpilation on or off for file synchronization. Can be overridden by --no-transpile switch for the Sync command.